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 Liebreich Foundation - Projects Supported

So far the Liebreich Foundation has supported the following projects or causes:

Network Vert, Arc Lemanique, Vaud, Valais Funding out-of-pocket costs of the inaugural meeting, Les Diablerets, 30 August 2012

Climate & Environment, Education & Skills, Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development, Science & Technology

Various causes Sundry donations


First They Ignore You... 3-minute film by award-winning director Thomas Marshall charting the world's inevitable shift from dirty, insecure fossil-fueled energy to abundant, safe, cheap, clean energy.

Click here to download an HD version of this film to show at your event.

Climate & Environment, Sustainable Development, Education2011
Right to Play UK Donation towards running costs of their London 2012 programme.

Sport & Health, Education, Inclusion, Refugees & Victims of Violence2011
Workshop on Disability & Technology Sharing insights into how new digital technologies (not just internet access) can transform the quality of life for disabled people in a highly cost-effective way.

Education & Skills, Disability & Inclusion, Science & Technology2010